• Emerald Tree Boa
  • Eastern Green Mamba
  • Western Green Mamba
  • Gaboon Viper
  • Copperhead
  • Western Green Mamba
  • Mexican West Coast Rattlesnake
  • Gaboon Viper
  • Eyelash Viper
  • Gaboon Viper

About Us

Temporarily Closed - Due to circumstances beyond our control and the complicated and delicate nature of the estate proceedings, we will be closed until further notice... We hope to re-open by mid-April. Thank you for your patience and we are grateful for the outpouring of hope and all of your support. We hope to see you soon!

WELCOME! $9 - GENERAL ADMISSION. We are dog friendly!

$8 - Seniors, educators, retired military and dependents.
FREE - Active Military with ID and Children 4 years old and under.
Normal operating schedule:
11AM to 5PM Wednesday - Sunday.
Closed Monday and Tuesday.


Groups of 10 or who pay by a single source: $7* per person.
*Includes Tax --A 7% NC sales tax is included in all admission sales.
Please call regarding information for Guided Tours - (910) 762-1669.

Our email address is: capefearserpentarium@gmail.com.
Hours may vary seasonally, so please phone for confirmation.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a teacher or a student, a reptile enthusiast or novice, or just plain curious, the Cape Fear Serpentarium offers an incredible and educational experience for everyone!

The Cape Fear Serpentarium is a self-guided tour through the most exotic reptile facility in the country—An indoor reptile house with live exhibits of the world's rarest and deadliest snakes, huge crocodiles and alligator snapping turtles, dragons, lizards and more, all under one roof… Some so rare they are not exhibited anywhere else.

See the world's most exotic, rare and deadliest reptiles from around the world, all viewed in beautifully custom designed show exhibits that mimic the natural habitat of the reptile--a large collection of the most rare, venomous snakes in the world. Exhibits are presented with information, so you can view the animals, read the stories and information, and stroll through the beauty of the Serpentarium and tour at your own pace.

The indoor displays are some of the largest of their kind in the world, meticulously constructed to allow the animals to experience a lifelike representation of their natural habitat.

In as close to a natural setting as possible, guests get the experience of encountering these reptiles, while maintaining absolute safety. Spectators may witness all manner of rarely experienced reptile behavior; mating, combat, shedding and live feedings-- all compliment the inherent beauty of these powerful species.

Guest Safety Information

• No Running

• Do not touch or knock on the exhibits

• Maintain control of children at all times

• Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Guests spend approximately 1.5 hours viewing the exhibits, animals and reading the vast amount of information on the species, but many people stay longer. Your admission is for all day – in and out, as many times as you like while we are open that day. It is up to you on how much you would like to experience!

The Serpentarium is yours for the day… your admission allows access all day!

(We recommend allowing at least 1 hour for an enjoyable experience, but for the true enthusiast, you can spend much more time than that…)

Visitor Info

We are located at 20 Orange Street in the beautiful downtown historic Wilmington, NC between S. Front St and S. Water St, near the Riverwalk.

The Serpentarium is massive, so be prepared.

Make sure to bring your camera, and if you use your cell phone, please note our policy:

Please silence your cell ringer and all calls must be taken outside for everyone’s quiet enjoyment.