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Read Dean Ripa's book:

The Bushmaster:
Silent Fate
of the American Tropics

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Located at 20


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"Wilson's World at the Serpentarium 6-13-16"

The Cape Fear Serpentarium is a one of a kind facility which features dozens of exhibits which offer patrons a close encounter with many of the rarest and most dangerous reptile species in the world. We are located at 20 Orange St. in downtown Wilmington, NC.

Our exhibits include:

• Rare and Dangerous Venomous Species
• Exotic Lizards and Dragons
• Giant Constrictors (Anacondas/Pythons/Boas)
• Giant Crocodiles

ARTICLES on the Serpentarium...

...or sample a chapter from Dean Ripa's new book:
'The Bushmaster: Silent Fate of the American Tropics.

Dean Ripa is also the author of many scientific papers covering a vast array of facts about venomous snakes.

Visit our Occasional Papers of the Cape Fear Serpentarium page to access these documents in full.

Serpentarium owner and founder Dean Ripa talks about his latest Bushmaster bite in this full interview. This interview inspired the Animal Planet TV show, Fatal Attractions, which filmed their new episode about Dean on location at the Serpentarium.

The Bushmaster is one of the rarest venomous snakes in the world. Dean Ripa's work with Bushmasters and other Central and South American species of venomous snakes has been academically noted around the world as cutting edge in the field of 'hot' or venomous herpetology. Watch the movie below to learn more about his work with this fascinating, deadly and extremely rare species.

Our 2nd local TV ad featuring the Serpentarium's awesome Crocodilians