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Resources for the First Grade Classroom

Seasons Change
This lesson introduces students to the characteristics of the changing seasons and allows students to see how plants, animals, and people adapt to the changes.

Snakes Are Cool
This lesson begins with a reading of Verdi by Janell Cannon. It integrates science with language arts as the students learn about snakes and write about their findings.

Whose Habitat Is That?
This lesson is designed to help students explore the surroundings animals find in each of the five habitats. This plan is written for the desert habitat but the same plan should be used for the exploration of all five habitat settings.

Introduction to Reptiles/Amphibians
You will need a free account with The Learning Page to download this 20 page PDF file.

Alligators and Crocodiles
This lesson introduces students to the American alligator, the Nile crocodile, and SuperCroc (the prehistoric crocodilian species Sarcosuchus imperator). Students will learn about each species' geographical range, habitat, diet, and behaviors. They will conclude the lesson by designing zoo habitats for alligators or crocodiles and creating captions providing information about these species' prehistoric relative.

Snake Vocabulary
A short lesson on words used to talk about reptiles.

Snakes Alive Web Quest Lesson Plan
An entertaining lesson plan designed for a first grade class.


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