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Cape Fear Serpentarium Articles and Reviews

From the outside, Wilmington's newest attraction blends in with everything else in the city. But step inside and it's a jungle. At the Cape Fear Serpentarium, you'll find more than 200 of the city's most carefully watched residents. That's how many reptiles are housed in the 6,000 square foot museum. Click here to read more from Attache in-flight magazine.

Oxford American Magazine **Best Article**

Love and death in the Cape Fear Serpentarium: some passions are more dangerous than others. Wendy Brenner writes an in-depth piece on Dean Ripa, owner and director of downtown Wilmington's Cape Fear Serpentarium. Click here to read more from Oxford American magazine.

The Salisbury Post

Katie Scarvey describes the Serpentarium as a "world class indoor reptile park" and also profiles Serpentarium owner Dean Ripa in her column, "Meeting my own Mr. Kurtz".